Virtual Law Practice + Innovative,

Strategic Representation + Cost Effective



A virtual law practice abandons the traditional brick and mortar law office in exchange for an efficient, cost savings, technology driven model to serve the needs of clients at a reasonable cost. Attorneys in a virtual law practice provide the same services as a traditional law firm, without being tied to a single office. Much, but not all, of the work is done virtually by utilizing technology. 


At Manning Carroll Law, utilizing technology to meet the client’s needs is essential to the firm's business model. Striving to provide the best legal service without excess is vital. So, if you need to contact Manning Carroll Law, just schedule a call, send an email, or click the link below to schedule a virtual meeting. Our attorney is ready to meet your legal needs today. 


In some cases, Manning Carroll Law can offer legal services for a fixed fee. In certain cases, however, your needs may fall outside those offered through our fixed fee program. After speaking with you about your needs, we will be able to determine if a fixed legal fee will work for your situation.